8 Quick Tips about Tennis in Dubai

8 Quick Tips about Tennis in Dubai

Tennis is a fun learning sport and is preferred by people of all age groups. Tennis is amongst the most popular sport in Dubai. This sport is very beneficial for your mind and body as it helps in making the mind and body feel active and fresh. You can enhance your efficiency in tennis skills by doing regular practice and following certain tips and tricks.

CAP Sports Academy is a renowned sports institution in Dubai. The academy provides training related to various sports such as tennis, badminton, swimming, and yoga.The academy provides training for various forms of tennis such as development tennis, cardio tennis, and pro-tennis. Private tennis lessons for individuals or small groups are available at the Cap Sports Academy for kids and adults.

8 Quick Tips about Tennis in Dubai

In order to learn tennis more efficiently, you need to follow certain tips

1. Do regular practice

Learning tennis needs regular practice you need to do practice tennis strokes, and also wok on your speed. This will help in enhancing your tennis skills.

2. Perform warm-up exercises before the beginning of your tennis match

Preforming of warm-up and stretching exercises before the beginning of the match will help in improving your stamina and make players feel fresh.

3. Consume healthy diet before the match

Players should consume a healthy diet i.e. the diet which has a good amount of proteins and minerals in it. Consumption of fried foods before the match can make them feel tired and reduce their efficiency.

4. Identify your strength and weakness

Every player has some strengths and weaknesses that can affect their game. You need to identify your weak points in the game and make efforts to remove it.

5. Choose the right tennis racket

Tennis rackets play a very important part of your tennis game. Therefore you need to choose the rackets according to your efficiency and the level at which you are playing.

6. Take feedback from your coach about your preference on a regular basis

You need to take feedback from your coach about your performance regularly. This will help you in knowing your weak points and also motivate you to play tennis more efficiently.

7. Learn tennis under an experienced coach

The efficiency and experience level of your tennis coach has a great impact on your success in the game. You should choose the right coach for learning tennis.

8. Try to identify your ideal strike zone

To play more effectively, the player should first identify their strike zone. This will help you to move your feet according to the strike zone and play more consistently.


CAP Sports Academy is a complete Sports academy for boys and girls of all age groups. The academy aims to provide excellent customer service with the use of innovation and technology in business. The academy provides private tennis classes which help in learning tennis more effectively. The academy has ladies mentoring which is very beneficial for female students.