All You Need to Know about Corporate and Outdoor Yoga Classes in Dubai

All You Need to Know about Corporate and Outdoor Yoga Classes in Dubai

Yoga is an ancient practice that involves physical postures, asanas and breathing techniques. In 2016 yoga was listed as an integral cultural heritage by UNESCO. Yoga is very beneficial for our mind and body. It helps in improving the immunity and metabolism of the body. Home yoga is in trend these days in Dubai.

CAP Sports Academy provides private and group yoga classes for people of all age groups. The academy has qualified male and female yoga instructors to help you learn yoga more efficiently. The duration of each session is of 1 hour, and one can choose 5-10 sessions according to their needs. The academy provides one session as a trial class.

Due to increasing health awareness amongst the people and change in lifestyle, some of the new forms of yoga have emerged in Dubai such as:-

Corporate Yoga

Employees are a valuable asset for every organization. Their talent and hard work leads to the growth of the organization. But working in a company in Dubai is not an easy task as life moves at a very fast pace in the city. There is always pressure in the minds of employees to complete the work in time. This pressure can cause stress which can be the reason for the emergence of various health problems such as obesity, depression, diabetes and many other problems.

Benefits of Corporate Yoga Classes for employees

Corporate yoga classes are beneficial for employees in following ways:-

• It helps in increasing focus and concentration of employees

There are various exercises in yoga such as meditation and pranayama which helps in increasing the concentration level of employees. This also increases the mental ability and alertness of the employees.

• It helps in increasing the productivity of employees

Working without any rest can be boring and stressing for employees and this reduces the motivation level of employees. Yoga helps in improving the blood circulation and energy levels which leads to increase in the productivity level of employees.

• It helps in improving the postural balance

Continuously sitting in the office for 6 to 8 hours can cause back pain, neck strain, and shoulder stiffness. Yoga exercises help in improving the postural balance of the employees.

Outdoor yoga

Yoga has a strong relationship with nature as various elements of nature such as trees, oceans, fresh air, sunlight makes yoga asanas more effective and beneficial for health. When one performs yoga in the outdoors, more stress releases and the mind feels relaxed. Outdoor yoga helps in improving the blood circulation by intake of fresh air which is full of oxygen.

Benefits of Outdoor Yoga Classes

Outdoor yoga is beneficial to people in the following ways:-

• It helps in developing inner strength and stability

The yoga exercises consist of various postures, which are initially painful to hold up to, but with regular practicing the body gets eased out with them. These postures help a person to achieve the strength, immunity and stability of mind and body.

• It helps in providing inspiration

Yoga inspires people to stay fit. The natural benefits of the practice makes people more inspired to adopt it and helps them find inspiration in the nature, which helps in keeping the mind and body stress-relieved.

• It helps in increasing awareness

Practicing yoga outdoors increases your awareness and makes you more focused in life.

Call to action

CAP Sports Academy takes care of different needs of the customers and tries to provide them with the best services. Following are some of the reasons for choosing CAP Sports Academy:-

• CAP Sports Academy provides training for various types of yoga-like Power Yoga, Hatha Ashtanga, Flow, Cardio Traditional, and Pre Natal Yoga.
• It has a special yoga weight loss program for 1 month which targets to reduce weight by 7 to 8 kg.
• The academy provides personal yoga classes at customer’s premises in Dubai.