The Most Innovative Things Happening With Group Swimming Classes Dubai

Swimming is an Olympics Sport that can be opted as a hobby or for professional purposes. Nowadays, group swimming is in vogue due to a large number of benefits you can get by learning swimming in a group.Swimming is a good all-round activity as it keeps your heart rate up. There are various new trends […]

The Intermediate Guide to Swimming Classes in Dubai

Swimming is a sport that is preferred by most people of varied age groups. Swimming also acts as a lifesaver in times of difficulty. Considered a great cardio, the sport helps maintaining a fit body along with a good mental health. It not only improves the functioning of the cardiovascular organs, but also helps achieving […]

Swimming Classes in Dubai: All The Stats, Facts and Data You Will Ever Need To Know

Swimming is that sport which makes you use the whole body at once, and hence is one of the best cardio ever. It is a very popular sport in Dubai.It is preferred by people of all age groups and is beneficial for mind and body. It helps to strengthen your bones and provides flexibility to […]

How Private Tennis Lessons Improve Your Game

Tennis is a racket sport, it can be played individually or in a team. Tennis is preferred by people of all age groups. There are various types of tennis lessons such as private tennis lessons, corporate tennis and semi-private tennis lessons. Private Tennis Lessons are very beneficial for you as they help to improve your […]

Facts about Ladies Swimming Classes That You Must Notice

Swimming is a popular sport in Dubai. It is an individual or a team sport.Swimming is a good all-round activity because it keeps the heart rate up, and thus proves to be a great cardio. These days both men and women in Dubai are interested in learning swimming. Due to this, the demand for ladies […]

Top 10 Developmental Benefits of Tennis for Kids

Tennis is the most preferred sport among kids as playing tennis is a fun learning activity for kids. Tennis helps in increasing the concentration level of the kids and increases their confidence level. Learning tennis at an early age is beneficial for kids as it leads to physical and mental development of the child. CAP […]

Private Swimming Classes with Female Coach in Dubai

Swimming is a popular sport in Dubai. Swimming is a good all-round activity because it keeps the heart rate up. These days both men and women in Dubai are interested in learning swimming. This has led to increasing in demand for female coaches for the ladies. Private swimming lessons are also preferred by the people […]

How Kids Can Learn Badminton Professionally from Caps Sports Academy

Badminton is known as the fastest racket sport of the world with a racket speed up to 180kph.Badminton is usually played in the backyard or at the beaches. Any person regardless of age, gender and ability can take part in this sport. It is a very beneficial sport for kids as it helps in improving […]

All You Need to Know about Corporate and Outdoor Yoga Classes in Dubai

Yoga is an ancient practice that involves physical postures, asanas and breathing techniques. In 2016 yoga was listed as an integral cultural heritage by UNESCO. Yoga is very beneficial for our mind and body. It helps in improving the immunity and metabolism of the body. Home yoga is in trend these days in Dubai. CAP […]

Guide on Tennis Classes for Kids in Dubai

Tennis is a fun learning sport for both kids and adults. It is beneficial for your health as it helps in strengthening the bones and muscles. Tennis helps kids in building coordination between hands and eyes. These days an increasing number of children are choosing tennis as a competitive and recreational sport. It is very […]