Do’s and Don'ts of swimming

Do’s and Don’ts of swimming

Swimming is a fun learning activity and is preferred by people of all age groups. Swimming is very beneficial for our mind and body. Swimming is a good sport for all-round activity, as it keeps the heart rate up and therefore helps in improving your cardiovascular strength. You need to follow the Do’s and Don’ts properly in order to avoid any mishappening and to avail of the benefits of this sport.

CAP sports academy is a Dubai based sports institution that provides swimming lessons for kids and adults. The academy provides male or female trainers for all age groups at customer premises anywhere in Dubai and Sharjah. The main purpose of the CAP sports academy is to become a leader in the sports field by providing enhanced quality of services that ensures both mental and physical well-being.


Given below are some of the things you should do to enhance your swimming experience:

• Learn swimming from an experienced person
Swimming can prove to be a risky activity if learned from a person who does not have good experience swimming, therefore, it must be learned from an experienced person having good knowledge of it.

• Prepare your swimming kit
Before going for swimming classes prepare a proper swimming kit which includes a swimming cap, swimming glasses, and a proper swimming costume. This will help you to stay safe and enjoy your swimming lessons.

• Remove your fear of water
Before learning swimming firstly you need to remove your fear from water. As this fear can be a big obstacle in your learning process. Doing practice is the best way to remove this fear from your mind.

• You should preform drill exercises before doing swimming
Drill exercises make you feel relaxed and active .These exercises helps in increasing your confidence level and also enhances your performance in the game.


The given below are the thing which you should try to avoid doing while swimming:

• Don’t swim in the dark
Always swim in the place where there is proper light, as there can be rocks or other substances in water that might hurt you. So ensure there is proper light available.
• Don’t eat heavy meal before going for swimming
It is important to have food before swimming as this will help your body to feel energetic. But you should try to eat light food such as fruits, vegetables, soft drinks eating heavy food can decrease your efficiency to swim.
• Don’t swim until you know the depth of the pool before swimming
Without knowing the depth of the pool you should not swim into it as it can prove to be risky for you.


CAP Sports Academy is a complete Sports academy in Dubai that caters to both boys and girls of all age groups. The academy provides training in various sport such as swimming, tennis, badminton, and yoga. The academy provides male or female trainers for all age groups at customer premises anywhere in Dubai and Sharjah. CAP Sports academy also provides group swimming classes for kids and adults.