Guide on Tennis Classes for Kids in Dubai

Guide on Tennis Classes for Kids in Dubai

Tennis is a fun learning sport for both kids and adults. It is beneficial for your health as it helps in strengthening the bones and muscles. Tennis helps kids in building coordination between hands and eyes. These days an increasing number of children are choosing tennis as a competitive and recreational sport. It is very important for children to learn tennis under expert guidance, at the right place and at the right time.

CAP sports academy is a Dubai based academy which provides tennis training classes for people of all age groups. The academy has a team of qualified professionals to help you to achieve your sports goals. The academy has specially designed morning and evening Tennis Classes For Kids in Dubai. Training for different forms of tennis such as cardio tennis, pro–tennis, and development tennis is being provided at CAP Sports Academy.

Guidelines for kids learning to Play Tennis

If played in an effective way tennis proves to be a beneficial sport for kids as it helps to increase their confidence level, energize them, and help them develop sportsmanship. Given below are some tips which will be helpful for kids while playing tennis:-

Start with basic strokes

Teach kids how to grip the tennis racket first and then move to the next level is a good idea. When they are comfortable holding the racket then teach them simple ground stroke with this progression. Once kids are well aware of this stroke then move towards other overhead shots.

Keep the tennis sessions short and simple

Overburdening kids at the initial level of the game can create confusion in their minds which can lead to poor performance. Try to keep initial tennis sessions short and simple as this will help to increase the interest level of the kids in the game.Thirty to forty minutes session is the optimum time for kids from four to seven years of age.

Make it a fun learning activity for kids

Try to make the tennis sessions interesting by including real-life examples and organize small competitions to enhance the confidence level of kids. Ask them questions to check their level of understanding of the game. Showing videos related to tennis can help to make sessions more interesting.

Identify your strengths and weaknesses correctly

Every person has some strengths and weaknesses which affects their performance. Kids should be trained to identify their strong areas and try to enhance their skills. This will help them to gain success in their game in less time.

Learn to position your back leg correctly

Correct positioning of the back leg is very important in tennis so as to play a proper shot. You must ensure that your entire body weight is loaded on your back leg before playing your shot.

Call to action

CAP Sports Academy in Dubai is a great place for learning tennis. The academy provides private coaching for individuals and small group at customer premises in Dubai. The academy has special weekend batches which will help you learn tennis despite of your hectic schedule. The academy provides training for other sports such as yoga, swimming and badminton.