How Kids Can Learn Badminton Professionally from Caps Sports Academy

How Kids Can Learn Badminton Professionally from Caps Sports Academy

Badminton is known as the fastest racket sport of the world with a racket speed up to 180kph.Badminton is usually played in the backyard or at the beaches. Any person regardless of age, gender and ability can take part in this sport. It is a very beneficial sport for kids as it helps in improving their metabolic functions and provides strength to their bones and muscles. For making a career in badminton kids need to gain professional knowledge about this sport.

CAP Sports Academy is a renowned sports institution situated in Dubai. The academy provides training for various sports such as yoga, badminton, swimming and tennis. The academy provides private, group and corporate Badminton Classes for people of all age groups. The CAP Sports Academy aims to provide excellent sports training of both basic and advanced level to kids and adults.

Guidelines which will help kids to learn badminton professionally

Given below are some of the guidelines which can help kids learn badminton professionally:

Kids should perform warm-up exercises before playing badminton

Playing badminton efficiently requires your body to be flexible. This can be accomplished by practicing some warm-up exercises like stretching of arms and shoulders, and jogging. These exercises will make the kids body flexible for hitting the shots.

Kids should start with basics

Kids should learn how to hold the racket and how to hit the shuttle with the racket. After this,they can start with the basics of badminton. Once your basics are strong they can easily aim to become a professional badminton player.

Learn how to balance your body

Balancing your body is very important in badminton as it affects your performance in the field. Buying a proper pair of sports shoes will help you maintain your body balance.

Work on your foot movements

Proper foot movements help in gaining success in the game. You should try to make a balance between your foot movements and body balance. Stretching exercises can help you in optimizing the foot movements.

Benefits of badminton for kids

Badminton is very beneficial for kids and adults. Given below are some of the benefits of badminton:-

• It helps in weight loss by burning extra calories from your body as badminton has many body and foot movements in it.
• It helps in improving the flexibility of the bones and muscles, and makes you more active and fit.
• It helps in the improvement of heart functioning by clearing the blood vessels which lead to the proper flow of blood.
• It helps to reduce stress from your mind by making your mind feel relaxed and also helps in inculcating positive thoughts in you.
• Badminton helps in increasing your mobility by strengthening your legs and lubricating your joints.

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Badminton is a fun-loving sport for kids. CAP sports academy helps kids to learn badminton in a professional way. The academy has a team of professionals to help you fulfill your athematic goals. The academy provides corporate and outdoor classes for various sports such as swimming, yoga, badminton and tennis.