Tennis classes for adults in Dubai for Beginners Level

Tennis classes for adults in Dubai for Beginners Level

Tennis is a racket sport that can be played independently or in a group. It is a popular sport in Dubai. It is very beneficial  This sport is played at various levels such as beginner’s level, intermediate level advance level The players of each level has different training needs. The coach should try to provide training to players according to their training needs and efficiency.

CAP Sports Academy is established as a premier sports academy in Dubai and provides coaching services for Tennis, Swimming, Yoga and Badminton through a team of highly qualified coaches. The academy provides tennis trading at beginners as well as advanced level. Private coaching for individuals or small groups is also available at the Cap Sports Academy for people of all age groups. The academy provides morning and evening specially designed tennis batches for adults.

The 5 basic Tennis Skills Beginners need to acquire

Given below are the basic tennis skills which beginners need to acquire in order to become a good tennis player:

There are various strokes in tennis from all of them the forehand and backhand strokes are very important strokes to be learned by the tennis players. It is very widely used stokes. You should make these strokes a part of your tennis practice sessions.

Tennis is a type of game which requires constant movement of the foot from the time the ball is served until the point is won. Learning the right footwork will help in saving your time and energy. For learning footwork should perform drills and exercises on a regular basis.

You need to earn to maintain the right foot balance this will help you prevent injuries such as leg injury, knee injury or any other injury. Balance can be maintained with the help of exercises. The exercises can be performed on the tennis court or at a gym.

Coordination plays a very important role in tennis. The player needs to maintain proper coordination between their hands and foot movements. This will help them to be a good tennis player. You can increase your coordination with the help of solving puzzles and other exercises.

There is some terminology which includes tools, techniques of each game which you will help you in understanding the game in a better way. The new beginners should take information about the basic terminology of tennis from their coach.


Tennis is a fun learning sport. This sport is very Beneficial for your mental and physical health. It helps in reducing stress and making your muscles more flexible. There are various levels of tennis such as beginners’ level, advance level and intermediate level. At beginners level you need to learn some basic terminology this will help you in being a good tennis player in future. You need to hire an experienced coach to sharpen your skills.