Where to Play Tennis in Dubai - Location, Batches

Where to Play Tennis in Dubai – Location, Batches

Tennis is an Olympic sport and is also a famous sport in Dubai. This sport is played by people of all age groups.Playing tennis is not just fun but also diverts you from stress. Tennis can be played in an open area such as a tennis court or a playground. There can be different batches for taking tennis lessons. The article covers the different types of tennis batches and the venue where you can play tennis in Dubai.

CAP Sports Academy is a Dubai based sports academy. The academy aims to provide excellent sports training, both basic and advanced to kids and adults and help develop both technical game and sportsmanship. The academy provides training for various types of tennis such as cardio tennis, developmental tennis and pro tennis.

Different types of tennis classes

Given below are the different batches of tennis which are being provided by CAP Sports Academy:

These days work life in the corporate sector has become very fast and competitive. This competitive scenario creates stress in the minds of employees. Playing tennis is the best way to reduce stress. Corporate group classes also help employees to remain fit and active.

Sometimes during the day ladies are not able to spare time for learning tennis due to the household works. Early morning and evening tennis classes will help ladies to manage their schedule easily and fulfill their wish to learn tennis.

In today’s world life is moving at a very fast pace.During weekdays some people are not able to take out time from their busy schedule to play tennis.There are weekend tennis classes for them which enable them to learn tennis efficiently with a stress-free mind.

Private tennis lessons can be taken individually or in small groups. Private tennis lessons give students the facility to take queries from their coach easily which further helps them to increase their performance level. These classes are very helpful for beginners as they can learn the basics of the game more efficiently.


CAP Sports Academy provides tennis classes at the following locations in Dubai:

Sheikh Zayed Road is a highway in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It is a prime location to take tennis lessons as there is a good environment for playing tennis in Dubai.

CAP Sports Academy provides private tennis lessons at customer premises in Dubai. There must be a tennis court at the client’s location to learn tennis more efficiently.

About Us

CAP Sports Academy is a complete sports academy for boys and girls of all age groups. The academy aims to provide excellent customer service by use of innovation and technology in business. The academy provides private tennis classes which help in learning tennis more effectively. The academy has ladies mentoring which is very beneficial for female students. Apart from tennis, CAP Sports Academy provides training for other sports like badminton, swimming and yoga.